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Payntr By Seven Evo Pimple Rubber Shoes

$117.00 $130.00

Payntr By Seven Evo Pimple Rubber Shoes

$117.00 $130.00
⦁ xtra strength (tougher pu upper & toe)
⦁ xtra support (tighter fitting)
⦁ xtra comfort increased padding)
⦁ Colour : White / Cammo
⦁ Sizes : From US 8 to US 11
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Ms Dhoni  & Payntr by Seven

Proudly partnering with ex indian captain Ms Dhoni and using his gargantuan loyalty base to promote the brand.

Colour : White / Cammo

Sizes : From US 8 to US 11

  • Increased padding around Ankle and Neckline for added comfort.
  • Stronger / Firmer heel cup to support sideways movements.
  • Anti- roll raised Arch insole support and cushion the foot.
  • Vamp reduction for tighter fir around foot.
  • Stronger TPU side cage.
  • New Manometer strenght tested PU upper for added Durability.
  • Antibacterial insole.

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