Aero Cricket Socks 3 Pack


Aero Cricket Socks 3 Pack

• Aero Cricket Socks 3 pack.
• Aero Cricket Socks (3 Pack).
• Comes in a pack of 3. This excellent cricket sock features a cushioned foot, elasticated ankle and arch support, flat toe seam.
• Sizes: 11-13, 6-10, 2...
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  • SKU: OSA0207
  • Brand: Aero
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Aero cricket Socks 3 Pack

Pack of three pairs of cricket socks.

Featuring comfortable cushioned foot, elasticated ankle support,  arch support and flat toe seam.

75% cotton 15% polyester 5% Elastoliene Fiber 2% Nylon 3% Spandex

Sizes: 11-13, 6-10, 2-5

Colour : White and Grey

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