Feed Buddy

Feed Buddy - Atomatic Ball Machine

$124.99 $150.00

Feed Buddy - Atomatic Ball Machine

$124.99 $150.00
• The Feed Buddy is perfect for the backyard, nets and Cricket Clubs. A must for every young aspiring cricketer or batsman who wants to improve their technique.
• Why coaches love them:
• You're not stuck behind a machine feeding balls all session
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Feed Buddy - Atomatic Ball Machine

The Feed Buddy is a revolutionary new batting aid that allows batsmen to hone their shot-making skills anywhere you can swing a bat.  

An absolute essential for the development of world class basics through accurate predictable "under arm" throws for hours on end. 
The Feed Buddy launched into the UK only a few months ago and has already sold over 3000 units. 
• Works with Tennis Balls & Feed Buddy Balls (light, soft bowling machine balls)
• Allows 360 shot selection   
• Battery Powered - No pesky extension chords
• Use anywhere you can swing a bat
• Backed by manufacturing patents
• Set up takes just 30 seconds
• 4 settings to adjust distance & trajectory 
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