Idoneus The ID1 Cricket Spike Shoes


Idoneus The ID1 Cricket Spike Shoes

. New 2023
. Interchangeable spikes
. Metal and Rubber spikes
. Ankle strap
. Heel cup
. Toe offset and metal eyelets
. Raised toe guard
. Rubber sole nodules
. Supported foot arch
. Microfibre leather ankle and midfoot
. Comfort

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  • SKU: IDS01S08
  • Brand: Idoneus
  • Type: Cricket Shoes
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Idoneus The ID1 Cricket Spike Shoes

  • Ankle strap- assists in our shoes ability to safely hold the ankle in a safe position and limits movement while not adding to the weight or decreasing the manoeuvrability of the shoe 
  • Heel cup- provides vital support to the heel and Achilles Tendon which is subjected to large forces while running and especially bowling 
  • Toe offset- assists in keeping the foot comfortably in the shoe and protects the fly-knit in an area of the shoe that typically gets a large amount of extra-surface contact 
  • Metal eyelets- allows the shoelace eyelets to grip and manoeuver the material of the shoe to properly fit the individual's foor and increased durability during highly dynamic movements 
  • Raised toe guard- prevents the material withering away from players who 'toe drag' while batting, bowling or keeping 
  • Rubber sole nodules- creates grip under the foot for contact with the ground regardless of the surface being played upon such as Astro-turf, traditional turf or hybrid surfaces 
  • Supported foot arch- assists to prevent 'arch drop' in heavy bowling or running actions whilst preventing twisting of the shoe and the foot 
  • Microfibre leather ankle and midfoot- provides a heel-lock feature to the shoe that keeps the ankle in a safe poistion that suits the individual's foot and allows for safe manoeuverability 
  • Comfort- extra cushioned inner soles creates a soft feeling underfoot for a comfortable fit as well as reducing blisters and possible injuries through stiff, immovable soles 

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