Swinga Technique Ball

$18.00 $22.00

Swinga Technique Ball

$18.00 $22.00
• Swinga Technique Ball
• Unique half dimple and half smooth design
• Polyurethane composition.
• 145g
• Senior cricket ball size
• Realistic bounce off the wicket
• Replicates feel of a cricket ball against the bat
• Works with ...
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Swinga Technique Ball

The ball's unique half-dimple half-smooth design allows it to swing through the air like a brand-new ball. 
The weight and size are very similar to a leather ball, it bounces in a very similar fashion off the pitch and feels the same coming off the bat.

The SWINGA® is the same size and virtually the same weight as an authentic leather ball. 
It bounces off the pitch in a normal fashion. 
The feeling off the bat is almost identical to a normal ball. 
But unlike a normal leather ball, where the lacquer and leather will come off quickly, the SWINGA® has been engineered with material so it will never stop swinging, won't go out of shape, and can still be used in wet conditions.

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