Kookaburra StanceBeam Striker

$200.00 $250.00

Kookaburra StanceBeam Striker

$200.00 $250.00
⦁ Highlights:
⦁ Kookaburra StanceBeam Striker
⦁ The Striker is designed to fit on top of any cricket bat and becomes the brain of your smart bat.
⦁ The 3D sensor then connects to our APP ecosystem across iOS and Android.
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Kookaburra StanceBeam Striker

Kookaburra, the cricket brand renowned for its innovation in cricket has announced a partnership with StanceBeam – a global technology leader from Bangalore, India – to bring the first connected cricket bat sensor to market in 2018 that allows players of all levels instant cutting-edge analysis of their game via a mobile app.

The StanceBeam Striker can be placed on any cricket bat, giving live feedback to players, coaches and fans about their game. Using such metrics as Bat Speed, 3D Swing Analysis, Power Index and Shot Efficiency, the StanceBeam Striker is able to bring a new level of information to the fingertips of players, coaches and fans in real time via the StanceBeam App available on both the Apple ® App Store and the Google ® Play Store – creating the world’s first smart cricket bat sensor available for purchase.

The app allows you to

  • Monitor your Session in Real Time
  • Record video for each swings
  • Analyse swing videos with data
  • See your detailed Session Insights
  • 3D Shot Analysis and Recreation
  • Compare your progress over time

Rechargeable Battery

Inbuilt battery that lasts the distance - over 6 Hours battery and fully rechargeable.

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